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American Rockwool is Committed to Providing Solutions to Sound Control

Things to consider when planning your project

Sound Control is not a visual part of the upgrades for your home it is often neglected during the planning and construction phase, but home buyers should expect and demand it as part of their investment. Sound control enables you to enjoy a comfortable, relaxed living space without all the outside noise and distractions. Homebuyers nationally said unwanted noise in their residences is of significant importance, according to the annual REALTOR® Home Features Survey. It will also increase the value of your home.

Consider the following:

  • Exterior Walls, are a source for outside noise such as airplanes, firetrucks, ambulances, etc. Rockwool Premium Plus™ Insulation has an STC rating of 58* in a brick veneer exterior wall assembly.

  • Using Rockwool in interior walls never get the consideration they need until it is too late. Noise from game rooms, home entertain rooms, and kids room can ruin a good nights rest which studies have shown can contribute to irritability and bad health. With STC ratings as high as 56* in a standard 2 x 4 wall assembly Rockwool Premium Plus™ Insulation has set the standards high.

  • Insulating plumbing walls can stop the dreaded toilet flush noise and help maintain privacy.

  • Insulating the mid-floors of a home or multi-family housing can reduce the noise from above as well as the impact noise associated with footsteps.

  • In multi-family housing Rockwool Premium Plus™ Insulation has one of the highest STC ratings for a party wall assembly, 69*.

The Chart below shows how noise relates to decibel ratings.

Source Intensity Level
Threshold of Hearing (TOH) 0 dB
Rustling Leaves 10 dB
Whisper 20 dB
Raindrops 40 dB
Normal Conversation 60 dB
Busy Street Traffic 70 dB
Vacuum Cleaner 80 dB
Large Orchestra 98 dB
Walkman at Maximum Level 100 dB
Front Rows of Rock Concert 110 dB
Threshold of Pain 130 dB
Military Jet Takeoff 140 dB
Instant Perforation of Eardrum 160 dB


So when designing contact your local American Rockwool rep and let us assist you with your designs.

*STC ratings are based on wall assemblies types. Results will vary based on the assembly.