T – hermal - Rockwool G.I.F.T.S.

American Rockwool - Energy Efficiency and Thermal Protection reduce CO2 Emissions and Put Money Back Into Your Pocket.

Rockwool Premium Plus™ Wall Spray Insulation when pneumatically applied has an “R” value of 15 in 2 x 4 wall construction and a 23.5 in a 2 x 6. The 4 lbs. per cubic foot mineral spray dramatically reduces infiltration of unconditioned air. ASTM test report E-283-04 show air infiltration of 1.83 cfm/sf @ 50 Pa and 3.68 cfm/sf @ 75 Pa. According to BPI 104 Envelope Professional Standard Rockwool Premium Plus™ is classified as being able to reduce air infiltration significantly enough to be considered an approved air sealer based on this standard.

The spray-on process forms a monolithic seal to maximize the thermal protection. A sprayed cavity filled with Rockwool Premium Plus™ Insulation will forms a custom fitted thermal barrier that overcomes heat and cooling loss through voids due to framing irregularities or resulting from compression that can occurs with batt insulation. Because the application fills the cavity, the installed R-value is a true R-value*. By eliminating voids and compression, the R-value of the exterior wall assembly is greatly improved.

*Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Fiberglass Batts - Labeled vs. Installed Performance